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The Call Center - Managing Quality Customer Service Managing Quality – BSOP588 October 20, 2012 Pro The Call Center - Managing Quality Customer Service Background/Overview of Organization Janderson Inc., is a business-to-business operation that manages 400,000 phone calls and 70,000 email interactions every year. Their customer service center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions and resolve issues related to insurance carriers and their needs. Contact center performance management (CCPM) is an analytical approach to managing and improving the effectiveness, quality, and overall experience provided by the contact center. (Fluss, 2008) It's a process that uses goals, key performance indicators, and metrics to measure the performance of the contact center and its managers, supervisors, and agents, and their effectiveness in delivering to enterprise goals. (Fluss, 2008) There are two types of contact center performance management: classic and real-time. Classic CCPM pulls data from various enterprise sources and is usually updated on a next-day or intraday basis. Real-time CCPM is a set of processes that empower line managers and supervisors to make ongoing tactical adjustments and improvements in real time to achieve departmental and enterprise goals. (Fluss, 2008) CCPM is a must-have for contact centers dedicated to continuous performance improvement. It is more than just reporting on steroids or slick charts and graphs. CCPM is an important analytical tool that helps reveal progress toward enterprise and contact center goals. (Fluss, 2008) Introduction to the Problem The Janderson Inc. call center employees were feeling a great deal of stress due to expected response times and resolution on customer inquiries or complaints. Management collected a lot of data regarding hold times, the number of representatives available

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