Managing Quality Essay

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Managing Quality: Final Course Project GM588– August 20, 2011 Table of Contents Introduction 1 Problem Statement 2 Literature Review 4 How will we teach creative thinking? 4 How will we teach collaboration? 4 How will we teach initiative? 5 How will we teach innovation? 5 Improving Educational Quality through use of Technology 6 Analysis 7 Deming’s 14 Points Framework 7 Education Baldrige Assessment Framework 8 Balanced Score Card 10 Recommendations 11 Reflections 12 Bibliography 14 Introduction Achieving and measuring organizational excellence within public education is of increasing concern. Public, Private, and Charter schools of all sizes need to assure continued organizational improvement in quality of education, administrative services, and overall effectiveness. This demands a methodology for assessing overall quality, performance, identifying needs and working toward strategic goals and objectives. A variety of management and measurement tools, such as the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) program, Balanced Scorecard and TQM have helped school districts meet this need. In this paper, I will be discussing a fictitious charter school, called “The JHT Wildcats: School for the Brilliantly Wild.” This school was formed in 2009, after most if not all of the public school districts of New Jersey had their state aid reduced by 5% or more. In an article found online at NJ.COM (Randquist & Alloway, 2010), the budget cuts by the Christie administration will force many schools to layoff hundreds of employees, eliminate programs for students, cut services such as courtesy busing and after schools activities, as well as increase class size. The aggressive and drastic cuts in funding to public education along with Governor Christie’s “choice school” initiative, creates an avenue for Charter Schools to
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