Case Study: Managing People And Organisations

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Southwest University of Finance and Economics SQA HND F84T 34: Managing People and Organisations Guidance to Students Please read this section very carefully. If there are any points which are not clear to you, contact the relevant tutor for help without delay. When this assignment is graded, the tutor will assess the work you have done on the basis that you are aware of having understood the conditions outlined below: 1) Type of Assessment This assignment will be individual and open-booked. 2) Nature of Tasks The assessment task is consisted of a group of structured questions which are all based on a case study of a company -- Joy of Chocolate 3) Format and Presentation of Task Answers…show more content…
This included good contacts with hotels plus one shop in the main shopping centre and a contract with local councils to provide corporate gifts. Charlie saw himself as an expert in all areas of the company and it is his drive and willpower which have taken the company to this stage. The business was growing and it was now difficult for Charlie to be involved in everything and this created tensions. He was well aware that without a greater marketing/sales input then the firm would stagnate. Charlie started to yearn for some time away from the business and started to consider retiring. In his business Charlie believed that people are motivated by a reward and punishment system, he also believed in a clear chain of command. Charlie followed through on this approach by giving monetary bonuses every quarter. He decided who should get the bonuses and there was some discontent that the process was not transparent. Staff believed Charlie tended to give higher bonuses to those with whom he got on with best personally. Charlie would also invite selected members of staff such as Sales Manager Jimmy Mulvenie and the Finance Manager Jack Ridgewell to join him on afternoon visits to the local golf club which tended to exclude those who did not play golf. Mistakes by anyone in the organisation would lead to an angry Charlie confronting the culprit and threatening them with dismissal or in some cases actually sacking

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