Managing Organisational Talent Essay

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MANAGING ORGANISATIONAL TALENT Vol. 5 th 24 -Sept-2012 P age |1 4 Pilkington Road, 3rd Floor, Fami House, Tel. +256 414-237150 P.O.Box 3024, Kampala;; MANAGING ORGANISATIONAL TALENT Develop Your Diamonds in the Rough: Managing Difficult Employees D ealing with difficult employees has been an issue that managers have faced for years. There are always employees who are lazy, poor performing, with bad attitudes and at times just downright rude. The majority of the time, they are not like this for no reason. They are clearly unhappy in their job. Often, managers think that the best and easiest solution to the problem is to simply let the employee go. This may help in the short-term, but can be financially painful for an organisation, and who knows, perhaps that employee could have been one of your top performers if matched specifically to a particular job. The 4 main problems managers experience with difficult employees are: § § § Difficult personalities Bad attitudes Poor performers § Communication problems These issues arise when job fit is ignored during the hiring and development process. When employees are matched to jobs that suit their personality, overall job satisfaction and productivity will be significantly higher. Effective managers are able to find ways to motivate and work with challenging employees. It is important to remember that management is a two-way street. People typically don t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses. Don t assume that how you manage is the best way for all employees. Many people s strategy for managing others is how they think they would like to be managed themselves. But that strategy is based on the idea that everyone else works like they do, which is highly unlikely. Assessments can tell you how to more effectively manage your employees based on your

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