Managing My Work Priorites

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Assessment activity 1: Serve as a positive role model in the workplace through personal work planning and organisation. 1 What characteristics do you believe a positive role model in the workplace should demonstrate? As discussed in the workbook Cox (2002). I believe the 10 characteristics listed are what you do need to be a positive role model. * Uncompromising integrity * High energy * Good at working priorities * Courageous * A committed and dedicated hard worker * Unorthodox and creative * Goal orientation * Inspired and contagious enthusiasm * Staying level headed * A desire to help others grow and succeed. 2 Describe a person you have looked up to as a positive role model. What qualities did you admire? What made them a suitable role model? What did you learn from them? When working as a payroll officer I looked up to the Accounts Manager. The qualities I admired were:- * He had a positive attitude and always made me free I could complete my job correctly. * Was able to explain tasks and demonstrate what I needed to complete without getting cranky when I didn’t always get the job completed correctly. * He was able to provide feedback with a positive attitude. * He was confident in his own role as the Accounts Manager and never looked stressed. 3 Can a person be a positive workplace role model if they are poorly organised and do not operate effectively? A person cannot be a positive workplace role model if they are poorly organised and do not operate effectively. By being poorly organised may mean tasks are not completed or completed at an unsatisfactory standard. Other staff members then learn to complete tasks in an unsatisfactory standard as well, not realising correct ways of doing things. Assessment activity 2: Ensure personal work goals, plans and activities reflect the

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