: Managing Multidiscliplinary Professionals by Combining Assests and Activities Essay

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In Tampa, Florida, Three well-established physicians—an obstetrician, a gynecologist, and a urology specialist—decided that they should combine their practices into a unique new organization. They believed that numerous patients would be attracted to these separate, but interrelated, medical practices. This is the story of how they built their practice. Describe the vertical and horizontal dimensions of this organization. Vertical – power emanating from the top down. There's a well-defined chain of command with a vertical organization, and the person at the top of the organizational chart has the most power. Employees report to the person directly above them in the organizational structure. Each person is responsible for a specific area or set of duties. Horizontal - a less-defined chain of command. Employees across lines have similar input into how the organization is run. Instead of each person having clearly defined duties, employees may work in teams, with everyone on the team having input. Employees may perform many different functions and may report to several supervisors, rather than a single boss. Project managers or team leaders report to a team of supervisors, with members of each team being essentially equal in terms of power. (Myers, 2013) I believe the Partners would utilize Vertical Dimensions. Since the three providers declared their organization a partnership, this would consist of the office manager, and then the support staff. Horizontally, we have the individual partners, their support staff, and the office manager. The partners share equal authority in the organization, each having an equal say in the running of things. If there is a conflict, they agreed that the majority rule would apply with any votes. Their responsibilities are to their patients, with routine office hours as well as staff privileges at several area hospitals. The office

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