Managing Innovation At Nypro, Inc

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Competing through Innovation, Knowledge Management, and Strategy de Facto In order to be more successful, managers must update their industry based on the new technology available, in other words they need to bring some change into their industry. The success of this change will depend on the company’s ability to adapt its structure to the new situation and change its standard production norms and policy. If the company can do all this quick then it will be competitive in its industry. Harvard business school case, Managing Innovation at Nypro, Inc, revised on December 18, 1998, will be an example of managing innovation. First, what is Nypro's competitive advantage(s)? Second, what is Nypro’s strategy and how has Nypro designed? Third, what are recommendations to Lankton at the end of the case? Next, how is the concept of knowledge management demonstrated at Nypro? Finally, what are the comparisons between the de facto strategy and the strategic planning process? By answering these questions, students will be able to understand the concept of managing innovation. Nypro’s current position within the industry and the determination of its employees and CEO Gordon Lankton will spring forth innovation. Nypro implements an internal marketing strategy to aid in its success. This strategy encourages and empowers employees to be more competitive within the organization, thus they will be more motivated. Nypro’s ability to adapt or to change the corporate structure, policy and production norms to meet the new objective due to innovation is important and can determine the success of the innovation. Therefore, to achieve its new goal Nypro’s strategy is essentially based on employees, technology, and consumers experience through feedback. According to Nypro’s management teams, innovation is a long process, and in order to be successful three factors need to be

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