Managing Global Brands For Non Profits Essay

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A RTICLES Building and Valuing Global Brands in the Nonprofit Sector Nathalie Laidler-Kylander, John A. Quelch, Bernard L. Simonin Global nonprofit brands are the world’s new “super brands” (Wootliff and Deri, 2001). Nonprofit organizations command unprecedented levels of trust, and nonprofit brand valuations are on par with major international corporations. Leaders and managers of nonprofits face new challenges in the stewardship of their brands. Based on current thinking in nonprofit management and detailed interviews with close to one hundred executives of ten international nonprofit organizations, this article draws strategic lessons on brand building and brand valuation activities of international nonprofits. The multiple roles and stakeholders that global nonprofit brands must address make nonprofit brand building complex and challenging. In particular, differences between advocacy and relief organizations must be explained. Despite the complexity, international nonprofit organizations may have an advantage over for-profits in leveraging public trust and brand communication. Advocacy organizations in particular successfully link brand and cause to good effect. The valuation of nonprofit brands is a new strategic challenge with significant appeal, but also significant concerns for international nonprofits. In addition to providing nonprofit leaders and managers with a better understanding of brandbuilding activities, imperatives, and best practices in the field, this article outlines the opportunities and threats associated with the valuation of nonprofit brands. T HE WORLD OF NONPROFIT leaders and managers has changed substantially over the past decades. The number of international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) has skyrocketed, fostering intense competition. Around 25 percent of the thirteen thousand international NGOs in existence today were created

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