Managing Employee Relations Essay

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In today’s world the definition of employment relations needs clarifying, but according to the CIPD it was conceived as a replacement to the term “industrial relations.” (CIPD, 2011) The Cambridge dictionary details employment relations as the behaviour and communication between an employee and their employer, especially relating to their rights and happiness in their job. (Cambridge English Dictionary, n.d.) 2.2 The Evolution of employment relations From the days of Margaret Thatcher acting as the first female Prime Minister employment relations has evolved immensely into how it stands today. In essence the employment relation is concerned with the “wage-work” bargain between employee and employer, over the years the power has swayed between employee and employer both looking to get best value for their labour. In the early 1980’s when Britain was seen as “Industrial Britain” Margaret Thatcher introduced her policy Economic Monetarism which entered the country into a deep recession. The result of the policy was defeating inflation, cutting public spending and higher interest rates. What the country saw as a result of this policy was the closure of many manufacturing facilities, unemployment reaching 2 million and inflation hitting 22%. (Youtube, 2008). As the country’s recession deepened riots broke out across many areas of inner Britain such as Toxteth who saw 9 days and nights of violent rioting, at this point many politicians thought Thatcher would have to step back but she stood her ground and committed to her policy stating “this lady is not for turning” . This resulted in high tensions across the labour market and employment relations in shatters. Over the course of the last sixty years the UK Government has been working to reform the legislation in place but despite the improvements to the employment legislation which protects both employer and

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