Managing Effectively Essay

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Managing Effectively Managing effectively involves a manager who knows how to plan, organize, lead, and control efficiently and effectively. These four concepts are recognized as the four functions of management and help to manage organizations and business’ effectively utilizing the available resources and manpower to incorporate the concepts of performance: globalization, technological change, knowledge management, service, innovation, cost competitiveness, and most importantly quality. These concepts will determine and drive any business or organization into a successful and profitable one. In Swiss Automation I utilize the four functions of management on a daily-basis, these tools help to effectively attain and reach our goals and tasks throughout the day; as a competitor in hydraulic components. As a manager I utilize planning from the beginning of my day and throughout the day to ensure the orders in place (customer due dates) and drop in orders are met. We have many parts manufactured for a variety of customers from hydraulics, automotive, navy, and the medical industry. To make sure the orders and parts manufactured by Swiss Automation make it to the customers with on time delivery, as a manager of the secondary and shipping department; I must ensure to utilize the most efficient and cost competitive as well as fastest way to deburr and remove burrs (burrs are excessive material left after machining parts) on the parts; Therefore, meeting the customer’s demands and expectations with on time delivery and quality. Organizing is another function of management that must be utilized in order to accomplish the task of satisfying customer’s demands. According to Barnett (2012) “ Decisions must be made about the duties and responsibilities of individual jobs as well as the manner in which the duties should be carried out”. To effectively utilize organization in

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