Managing Diversity Essay

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Journal Reflection 5 Nicole Swanson B440 Managing Diversity May 1, 2012 Instructor Jeri Retzlaff There are many ways I can demonstrate support for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender, and Issues (LGBTI) community in the workplace. I can use communication, events, training seminars, networks, and update the policy in the employee handbook (Burns, 2011). By conducting these fun activities this will bring awareness to the community and to the employees. This way we can reduce or eliminate negative messages of intolerance and or ignorance. People are afraid of the unknown and by making them aware, especially in a big group setting this will help them not be afraid and open their minds. Communication * Send a communication to your employees or publish information on your intranet about how your company supports and values its LGBT workforce. * Distribute copies of Community Business’ LGBT Resource Guide to your employees – particularly your business managers. * Remind staff of existing policies or benefits for LGBT staff – or even better introduce some new ones (Burns, 2011) Training and Events * Run a diversity training session or event on LGBT issues in the workplace. * Hold a panel discussion with LGBT executives who are out in the workplace and happy to share their experiences. * Register senior executives to attend Community Business ‘Creating Inclusive Workplaces for LGBT Employees’ Workshop on 26 May. Network * Organize an event for your LGBT network. * Join up with another company and hold an LGBT-related event. Policy * Commit to updating your equal opportunity policy to include sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. Reference Burns, K. (2011). Ideas to show your support. Retrieved from

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