Managing Conflict Essay

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1. List the stakeholders as they emerge and record some of their interests: • Law Enforcement-Keeping immigrants out of the US and controlling what enters and leaves the US. • Social Services Groups-Keeping everyone healthy as they cross over and making sure everyone’s immunizations are up to date. • Religious Organizations-Spiritual growth for the immigrants that may need it. • Federal, State, and Local Governments-Impact on the economy, trying to keep up with those that enter the US. • Citizens from both sides-The impact on the economy of the immigrants crossing the border. 2. List possible competing values and goals that could be at play: The citizens from both sides: The immigrants are wanting to illegally enter the US for safety and job opportunities and US citizens are wanting to keep those immigrants out of our country due to job security. Law enforcement is wanting to monitor who comes into the US when others are trying to sneak them in illegally but are charging the immigrants their lives to enter the US. 3. Assuming this conflict resides in the sphere of challenge or harm, list some of the examples of harm that may result. • Increase of drugs and other illegal items • Health concerns • Increase security: making it nearly impossible for others to enter the US • If caught, could face jail, deportation or worse 4. Finally, list any opportunities that may be inherent in the conflict that may allow this system to enter the sphere of value. Social Services Group could initialize programs that could help the immigrants transition into the US, help their families with programs that will help better their life, makes sure that all of their immunizations are up to date and offer counseling for some of the immigrants that made need it. Focus: The Third Side 1. Prevention Subgroup: Provider: I would try to offer other

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