Managing Communications, Knowledge and Information Essay

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Managing Communications, Knowledge and Information Task 1.AC.1 Business Report This report provides information concerning the range of decisions to be taken in setting up a retail business. The report will observe the information and knowledge needed to make certain effective decision taking. This report will emphasize the internal and external sources of information and understanding. This report will pay particular awareness to stakeholders in relation in setting up the retail business. The report will lay emphasis on how to make contact with the stakeholders and technique used to develop business relationship with them. This report will comment on a plan on how to engage those identified in decision making in regards to the retail business. This report concludes with designing strategies for future improvement in personal networking to broaden the involvement in the decision making process. To set up a retail business, there has to be a business legal structure: Choosing the proper legal organisational structure for a retail business is one of the most important that has to make: Writing a business plan Whether it is formal or informal on paper or on disk, the process of creating a business plan wills the business successful. It is one of the most crucial steps in starting a retail business Learn the laws Full comprehension of what business licenses and permits is required, can be found by contacting the city county and state government offices, and before starting the retail business one has to find out what governs the type of retail store. Finding a location Where to choose to locate the retail business will have a major impact on everything the shop does. Getting the right site will be a huge success for sales. Buy Wholesale Products to Resell A successful retail business depends greatly on offering the right product, at the
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