Managing Communications, Knowledge and Information Essay

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Certification in Managing Communications, Knowledge and Information £ 295 Aim The aim of this unit is to show how communications, knowledge and information can be improved within an organization including making better use of IT systems. Unit abstract This unit recognizances that communications do not automatically take place effectively in organizations and that both information and work-based knowledge is often insufficient when decisions are made. Learners will look at how managers can improve the planning of their communications processes as well as their communication skills. Learners will understand why managers need to adopt a more inclusive approach to stakeholders affected by the decisions they make and why they need to network on a more structured basis. The unit also looks at how managers can make the information and knowledge they gain accessible to other parts of the organization. The unit is designed to develop learner understanding of the interaction between communications, knowledge and information. It also covers how IT systems can be used as a management tool for collecting, storing, disseminating and providing access to knowledge and information. Learning outcomes On successful completion of this unit a learner will:    Understand how to assess information and knowledge needs Be able to create strategies to increase personal networking to widen involvement in the decision-making process Be able to develop communication processes Be able to improve systems relating to information and knowledge  Unit content 1 Understand how to assess information and knowledge needs Sources: internal and external, primary and secondary, formal and informal, team workers, customers and other stakeholders Types: qualitative and quantitative, tacit and explicit, official and unofficial, policy and opinion 2 Be able to create strategies to
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