Managing Communication, Knowledge and Information Essay

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Assignment 1 - P1, P2, M1, D1 How can I get my message across? You have recently set up a small business called SBL Communications. The Entrepreneurs’ Forum has employed you to advise people setting up in business on the importance of effective communications. Essentially, you will produce a pack of resources using a variety of media that not only explain about communication but also give practical examples. You will only need to investigate @Bristol for this assignment. Task 1 - Explain different types of business information, their source and purpose (P1) To answer this task you will therefore need to interview the manager of a local business. This could be a firm that you work for, a shop that you visit regularly or even a family business. Your interview should find out the following: * The types of information they use with examples - verbal; written; on-screen; multi media; web based * The sources from which they get information - internal or external * The purposes to which they put the information - updating knowledge; informing future developments; strategic direction; SWOT analysis; offering competitive insight; communicating sales promotions; inviting support for activitiesWhen constructing and conducting your research use the unit content to guide you. You should now write a series of guidance notes in the form of a handbook called “No Benefit Of Doubt” explaining the terminology of types of business information using examples from your organisation. The booklet should be a comprehensive ‘at a glance’ help for new entrepreneurs wanting to ensure they have collected sufficient information before starting up. Task 2 - Analyse different types of business information and their sources (M1) Different types of business information you have identified @ Bristol include: Verbal, written, on-screen, multi-media and web basedCreate a table(s) to show:
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