Managing Change Essay

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Running head: WELCOME ISRAEL 1 Discussion Board Welcome Israel Ronisha Vinson Liberty University Dr. Quinn July 24, 2015 WELCOME ISRAEL 2 The case of Welcome Israel and the acquisition of Glaxo was a case that exempted communication and reposed of poor management. During the time of the acquisition deal of the leading pharmaceutical company Glaxo, the production and marketing units of Welcome Israel were left in the blind about the forthcoming takeover. Ofra Sherman had been a long time devoted and respected leader of Welcome Israel and Promedico. Sherman throughout her tenure has steered her team to become one of the leading profit makers of the company. Sherman and her team deserved the respect of knowing what plans were coming. Welcome Israel and Glaxco failed to communicate the merger between the two companies to their leaders and employees. Sherman was privy to the acquisition details so that she as a leader was able to inform and prepare her team for the merger. Sam Allman, president of Allman Consulting and Training states “as leaders, our communication must be relentless. Our constituents, be it subs or employees, must know what we want and expect” (Allman. S. 2012). Without proper communication leaders are unable to perform their duties effectively and clear expectations are not outlined. Glaxo-Welcome should have called a joint leadership meeting consisting of management staff from both parties. This meeting should have provided the news of the acquisition that has in play. This would have given Sherman and other key leaders the opportunity to ask questions and given a plan of action of how everyone was to proceed. Sherman was faced with the decision to defer to a new environment with unknown

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