Managing Change Essay

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MANAGING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE |Professor Jean Bartunek |Office: Fulton 430C | |MB80201 |Office Phone: 552-0455 (fax ext: 2-1601) | |Spring, 2009, Tuesday, 4:30 – 6:45 pm |Home Phone: 661-1347 | |Office hours: T 3:30 – 4:30 | (call before 10 PM) | |Or by appointment |e-mail: | | Syllabus constructed: January 18, 2009 | | Teaching Assistant: Opal Leung email: Office: Fulton 214 office phone: 617-552-0718 Course Overview: My hope in this class is to help you increase your effectiveness in dealing with multiple aspects of organizational change – in understanding conditions that may require it, in increasing awareness of multiple ways that organizations change, in managing change, in receiving and participating in it, and in understanding your own approaches and responses to change. Organizations are changing so rapidly and in so many ways that it is crucial for managers to have this knowledge. Thus, the course readings are aimed at expanding awareness and knowledge of multiple issues associated with change. There will be guest speakers who regularly create change. There will also be cases and class activities aimed at skill building in ways that are related to students’ own organizational settings. Hopefully you will come away from class with more knowledge and more confidence in your own abilities with regard to organizational change.

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