Managing Change Essay

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Activity 9 1. How often does the organisation ask its customers what matters to them??? In most cases KPR Engineering handles all complaints as quickly as possible to avoid any frustration and lack of communication between candidates and clients, it is important that we continually ask customers about their experience most clients are more likely to walk into the office and dispute there frustration straight after it has happened We take customer satisfaction very seriously most cases the customer will come straight to the office to complain usually complaining straight after the incident clients with good experiences would rather speak face to face with the managing director and director to be able to give first hand evidence and for their needs to be solved to avoid it from not happening again!!! 2. What methods are used??? As we are a small organisation expanding we have not yet implemented any methods to monitor customer satisfaction, but in the near future we will ensure that methods such as surveys and graph and express the importance of monitoring. 3. Are these methods effective?? I believe the tools that are meant to be implemented would make a major impact on the company in regards to narrowing down potential concerns that a client may have, and they can be acted on in the correct way to avoid any of the same mistakes happening again. 4. What improvements would you recommend?? I would strongly recommend that the organisation implement a business plans, better marketing techniques, create survey for customer satisfaction, co-ordinate and monitor quality customer service and to be more serious about the whole situation! 5. How does the organisation measure its customer service performance?? It is not measured at all??? But I would say that if it was to be measured key performance indicators are to be discussed to find out

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