Managing Activities of Teaching, Training and Development in an Organization of Choice

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Assignment 102.1.A Managing activities of teaching, training and development Variant 2 The purpose of “Training and development” in X organization is to develop and support its staff so as to ensure a higher quality customer service and customers’ satisfaction. The main tasks are: * Optimization of the services that the company provides to the customers and enhancement of administrative efficiency through upgrading the information systems ; * Improvement of the qualifications and skills of the employees through training, mentoring so as to stimulate career and professional development within the organization ; * Staff motivation through improvement of performance –based bonuses scheme ; * Improvement of internal communication at all levels within the organization, particularly the feedback system; * The establishment of system for evaluating the effectiveness of internal trainings, aimed at improving their quality. Analyzing the needs of training / TNA/ The process of training and development in this organization includes the steps of determining training needs, developing a personal development plan ,creating programs, selecting trainers/ training organizations, conducting training and evaluating its effectiveness . The process of training and development of employees is also associated with the process of performance management, where on the basis of the annual appraisal can be identified the need for development activities for the employees. The first step in designing an effective training and development program is to conduct a needs assessment. The process of analyzing the needs of training includes the following indicators: • The set goals before the group which are aligned to the organization’s strategy; • The current level of performance; • Establishing the obstacles to achieving the goals;
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