Managing a Large Financial Project Essay

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Running head: MANAGING A LARGE FINANCIAL PROJECT Assignment 3: Managing a Large Financial Project Tynisha Ellis Dr. Laurant Jolly Advanced Systems Analysis and Design August 12, 2012 Response to CEO, “Shifting of staff from less important projects to the financial project” Individuals might not have the required skill and expertise to use particular systems. The finance department requires that all employees, within the department, to be well-trained in finance related projects including expertise and terminology. The level of skill and knowledge required for the department is something that cannot be handed to any staff member working outside the financial department or on less important projects. Although employees, in other departments, require relevant experience, it is not directly related to projects handled in the financial department and does not meet the qualifications to handle such projects with professionalism. In contrast, staff members who continue to work on projects that are less important do not need the qualifications of those in the finance department. They are experienced in working on projects such as IT and other areas of the company and they have deadlines of their own to meet. Since there are multiple projects concurrently being undertaken, in the company, each of these projects are relevant to the company and, nonetheless, each must be completed in due time. So, with that being said and as a financial project manager, I cannot shift the staff from less important projects to the financial project due to required training, monitoring, and time constraint to complete the project professionally and successfully. Lack of processes and standards or explicit processes and standards The “manpower” of any project depends on the length, duration, urgency and many

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