Managerial Skills - Conceptual, Human Relations and Technical Essay

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1/18/13 M anag er ial Skills - Conceptual, Human Relations and Technical M anage rial Skills Management is a challenging job. It requires certain skills to accomplish such a challenge. Thus, essential skills which every manager needs for doing a better management are called as Managerial Sk ills. According to Professor Danie l Katz, there are three managerial skills, viz., 1. Conce ptual Skills, 2. Human Re lations Skills, and 3. Te chnical Skills. According to Prof. Daniel Katz, all managers require above three managerial skills. However, the degree (amount) of these skills required varies (changes) from levels of management and from an organisation to organisation. The above picture or diagram shows the managerial skills which are required by managers working at different levels of management. The top- level managers require more conceptual skills and less technical skills. The lower- level managers require more technical skills and fewer conceptual skills. Human relations skills are required equally by all three levels of management. M anag er ial Skills - Conceptual, Human Relations and Technical 1. Conce ptual Skills Conceptual skill is the ability to visualise (see) the organisation as a whole. It includes Analytical, Creative and Initiative skills. It helps the manager to identify the causes of the problems and not the symptoms. It helps him to solve the problems for the benefit of the entire organisation. It helps the manager to fix goals for the whole organisation and to plan for every situation. According to Prof. Daniel Katz, conceptual skills are mostly required by the top- level management because they spend more time in planning, organising and problem solving. 2. Human Re lations Skills Human relations skills are also called Inte rpe rs onal skills. It is an ability to work with people. It helps the managers
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