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Managerial leadership Executive summary This report will consist of my findings on a this project. It discusses “Authentic Leadership”. Firstly starting of with what makes an authentic leader, someone that is self-aware is in line with their values and has conscious knowledge of what they stand for and believe in. The three sections that will be discussed within this assignment; A- Self Awareness B- Values C- Motivations The everyone needs to become self-aware, as that is the only way they will find out their true identification. As us humans only look at ourselves sometimes just the way we want to perceive ourselves. It is difficult to analyse areas of your aura that you have no knowledge or control over. I have found out in contrast to self-awareness, that I am certainly not the person I used to be, becoming aware of myself has in its own way reduced many obstacles to which would my consciousness would disagree with. I used to be a person who disliked criticism, and therefore never thought I would be of any use from it. Although that certainly is not the case in this situation, I have learned that if anyone critics you, take it as a virtue not at all a offence, if they doing it out of resentment, well its of your benefit. This is further touched upon in my personal development plan Values, is discussed within this report to a greater extent, how they have helped me achieve my potential, and at the same time become a better person as a result. I have learned not to compromise with my values, as it can create relative setbacks within my effective development as an individual. This report will further go on to seeing what my values are, where did I get them from, and how I have ever compromised with my values, this is called pressure drops. Furthermore analysing how I could prevent this from occurring is touched upon briefly. Motivations are the

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