Managerial Decision Making Essay

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Running Header: Improving Nursing Budget and Staff Morale Improving Nursing Budget and Staff Morale DeVry University – Keller Graduate School of Management Professor – Hamid Noorani Managerial Decision-Making (MGMT530) April 20th, 2014 Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction – Overview of Decision Problem 4 Problem Statement 4 Objectives 4 Summary of Key Objectives: 4 Alternatives 5 Description of Alternatives: 5 Selection 6 Consequence Table with Original Values: Title 6 Ranking Alternatives: Title 7 Scoring Model: Title 7 Weighted Scoring Model: Title 8 Consequences 9 Risk Profile: Title 9 Implementation, Monitoring and Control 10 Timeline: 10 Summary 11 Works Cited 13 Executive Summary Powerback Rehabilitation is a short stay rehabilitation facility that was once a long-term care facility owned and operated by Genesis Health Care. Genesis wanted to experiment with opening a facility strictly for short stay rehabilitation patients. Short stay facilities are not common, so the earning potential in that market had promise. The length of stay for most patients would be 10-14 days with additional care being provided at home once they are discharged from the rehabilitation facility. What they did not expect was to be successful so quickly and due to their success the admission rates increased which increased the workload on nursing staff. With this increase in workload overtime increased dramatically which caught the attention of upper management. Nursing staff worked an eight-hour 5 days a week schedule and had a ratio of 15 patients per 1 nurse, with increases in their workload the overtime had caused a negative impact on budget, the increased workload caused staffing morale issues, which ultimately affected patient outcomes. Patient outcomes can negatively impact the profitability of the facility due

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