Managerial Decision Making Essay

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The Night Club Decision | OH MY GOODNESS, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW! | | 6/15/2012 Table of Contents Introduction pages 2, 3, and 4 Executive Summary page 5 Decision Problem Overview page 6 Objectives Statement page 6 and 7 Alternatives page 7 Selection page 8 Consequences pages 8, 9, 10 Implementation, Monitoring, and Control page 10, 11 Works Cited page 12 Presentation pages 13, 14, 15 and 16 for Slide Presentation Introduction In today’s economy there is an uncertainty of unstableness and a lot of not knowing where you may generate income from day in or day out while the market is trying to bounce back from the 2008 plunge which has devastated many businesses and organizations. As communities become increasingly diverse and budget continue to tighten, municipal services must come together strategically to meet the changing needs of the population. Municipalities engage in recreation planning to use their resources more effectively. The outcome of the planning process is intended to be a road map for the strategic management of community resources on short and long term basis. The economy is being affected for change which is inevitable on all levels of jobs being performed daily. Some jobs we know which have been affected by the economy downspin are government jobs, construction jobs, laborer jobs and recreational employment opportunities, small businesses and large corporations as well as the private sector. Today we are being innovative and change is necessary to be able to substantiate profits and maintain vitality for long term success and maximizing dividends in order to have savings for life expenses as our government enters an uncertainty of not knowing if there will be social security benefits left for our seniors within the next 10 years or less. This brings me to our point of entry to the problem we will be

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