Managerial Decision Making Essay

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Managerial Decision Making Rick Neese MGT2037 – Principles of Management January 17, 2012 Ruth Essler – Instructor Managerial Decision Making In the case FMB&T, Ayishia Coles was stressed and unhappy with her job. She was uncertain of her job and what her role was in the company, as it was nothing like the organization structure she was told it was. Everyone had no idea who was playing what role in her department including the department managers. Marshall Pinkard, the president of the bank, was unaware of Ayishia’s frustration and has to find a way to solve her frustrations. (Daft, 2010) The causes of Ayishia Coles stress and frustrations of her job were for many reasons. She had to vent to Marshall Pinkard her concerns. a) The Vertical Structure of the organization was not clear and defined, as employees and managers had no idea what their job was or chain of command. b) She was uncertain of her hierarchical level with the possible change to Decentralized IT department from a Centralized IT department, and what changes may come from that. c) Ineffective communication and Accountability between departments causing problems for the IT department that was causing slow decision making to the problems or who was supposed to be handling the problem to start with besides the IT department. d) The lack of motivation from her employees because they were not being utilized in feeling like they were part of the organization. All of these outlined causes for Ayishia’s stress had to be addressed by Pinkard and clarify the roles of the bank’s employee’s. (Daft, 2010) The things that Pinkard could do and address to assist Cole’s are; make sure he assures her job was still an executive position and that decentralizing the IT department would help her with problem solving and make it faster to do so. Other things Pinkard could do are make

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