Managerial Applied Statistics Essay

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Course Project Part C Randa Shawahin DeVry University Managerial Applied Statistics Math 533 Professor Brent Heard June, 23, 2014 Contents Summary report 3 Appendix 5 References 17 Summary report AJ DAVIS marketing and research team has a mission to help each other to keep up the company revenue and generate new opportunities for new revenue stream, which they have realized it can’t be achieved without intensive study and analysis for the customer profile and their demographic characteristics Knowing who is your customer is the key to design for him what fits and suits him the best and for AJ DAVIS to be competitive in the market they could have thorough analysis for their customers and come up with some conclusions that there are definite relationship between the data collected and the variables in the sample study that was performed. When comparing the size of the households and the amount of the credit balance, as the size of the household becomes larger, so does the credit balance. Which means there is strong positive co relationship between size of household and credit balance, accordingly the marketing team can get use of such finding and predict the credit balance of the household, regardless their location. The larger the household will lead to higher credit balance that will be available. All these finding can be used with high confidence (95%) that the average value of the credit balance will be between the limits of the $4,368.20 and $4,846.90. On the other hand, when taking into consideration the combination of the three independent variables (income, size, and years), it can be seen that each variable has different relation than others with respondent variable which is the credit balance. Based on the tests performed (in the appendix below) ,firstly on the model as a whole and then on each
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