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Illinois MBA: Interview Process and Tips January 16, 2013 Application, Interview, and Decision Process 1. 2. After an application is submitted, we check for materials (1-2 weeks to organize application) If application complete, forwarded for initial review. Reviewer makes recommendation (Initial review completed within 1 week). Interview invitation emailed. (1-2 days after initial review) Applicant accepts interview offer (Skype or on-campus) and schedules interview. Interview held as scheduled (usually 1-3 weeks after invitation). Interviewer makes recommendation (1 day) Admissions Committee makes decision (1-2 weeks after interview) Final Decision Released (March 8, 2013 for Round 2 Applicants) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. THE INTERVIEW 1. Points of Evaluation 2. Types of Questions 3. Preparation Tips 4. Interview Tips THE INTERVIEW Points of Evaluation • Communication/Interpersonal Skills • Career and Personal Goals • Self-Awareness • Strength of Interest in Program • Teamwork Ability • Analytical Ability THE INTERVIEW Types of Questions • Experience verification – “Please tell me about your current professional roles and responsibilities” • Behavioral – “Tell me about a time when you successfully resolved a conflict with a co-worker” • Motivation check – “Why do you want an MBA?” • Case question – “A telecommunications company is considering to enter the market for electronic home security systems. What factors do they need to consider before making this decision?” THE INTERVIEW Preparation Tips • Think of examples of your personal accomplishments and teamwork experiences • Re-read your personal statement • If there are any weaknesses in your application, be prepared to address them • Come up with a structure for analyzing/answering case question* *McKinsey’s tips for case interview:

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