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Complete the questionnaire, what were the results? Describe yourself as a leader and how do you perceive yourself and how do others perceive you. | According to Peter Northouse (2010), the trait approach theory suggests that certain individuals are born with innate qualities and characteristics that make them leaders, and that it is these qualities that differentiate them from nonleaders. This approach focuses on the primarily leader and not the followers. This allows the organization to focus on a particular leadership style and often uses personality assessments to predetermine what specific traits they are looking for. The trait approach also gives the leader the opportunity for personal awareness and development in which they can self-identify their own traits and how those fit the organizational needs of the company. These trait assessments, often called self appraisals, help the leader understand what qualities they possess, and determine whether there can be advancement opportunities in the company. Also, this theory gives the leader an opportunity to understand what traits are in need of improvement by making changes to create an impact on their advancement. There are several advantages to this approach. First, the trait approach is very appealing and image friendly to society, meaning perception is reality. Society has a need to see their leaders as all knowing people and this fulfils that. Second, history has proven time and time again that it reaffirms that the trait approach’s has credibility above all other theories. Lastly, this approach has given organizations benchmark traits to look for in their future and current leaders. Based on this information, trait assessments are invaluable resources which help an individual to improve their leadership effectiveness. Some of the criticisms about the trait approach are that not all

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