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Management 303 SWOT Analysis of Turtle Wax, Inc. Section I – Organizational History Turtle Wax, Inc has been in business almost 70 years since founder Ben Hirsch incorporated in 1943 it and family owned since. Currently Turtle Wax, Inc is a multi million dollar profit company with 60 % of the car care market. With current CEO Denis John Healy, grandson of Ben Hirsch is the third generation to head the company. It has gone through many transitions’ since the companies beginning, but has remains a leader in car care products around the world. In the 1930’s founder Ben Hirsch mixed up the products in his bathtub until he came up with the winning combination of car wax and called it “Plastone”. Still mixing it in his bathtub he had his wife helped him bottle it and sold it out of his car. One of his first marketing tools was to wax half of a car directly outside a church and wait for the people to come out of mass and see the difference between the two sides of the car. He sold directly to service & gas stations directly. Ben’s dream was to make Turtle Wax a household name and wanted his product on selves. Mass distribution was his goal for the company. In the 1970’s Hirsch’s daughter and son-in-law took over the company, Sandra and Dennis Healy. Denis was a chemist with a background in research and development. With John’s background he pushed the company to develop more than car care products. This included shoe polish, carpet cleaner, window cleaner anything they could develop and manufacture in the factory. Under their leadership the company also moved into the industrial car care product opening a chain of car washes and selling the industrial products to other car washes. By the 1999 Denis John Healy became company president and took over as CEO in 2005. He put the company through a major overhaul that changed the company from a manufacturing-based

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