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Background I am a Regular Soldier employed in the British Army, I am a serving member of the Royal Logistics Corps attached to Welsh Transport Regiment based at 223 Sqn Swansea. The Regiment is made up of 5 Sqns they are chefs, clerks, drivers,medics,radio operatives combined with an attachment of R.E.M.E (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) personnel, 3 of these are based in South Wales, 1 based in West Wales and 1 based in North Wales. Each Sqn will have a full range of trades so they are self sufficient when deployed on Exercises or Operations. The Royal Logistics Corps is made up of chefs, drivers, ammo technicians, air dispatchers, dog handlers, communications specialist, supplier, petroleum operators, vehicle specialist, port operative, pioneers and postal couriers it is the largest organisation within the British Army. Welsh Transport Regiment is the only transport Regiment in Wales. It can be tasked to move anything that is required and can be transported anywhere in the World. My role at present is as part of the Recruitment Team, it involves going into Schools, Colleges Universities all recruiting events with Mid & South Wales. I book courses, arrange interviews and have discussions with individuals about specific job roles they are interested in and what is expected from every individual recruit so they can hopefully be successful in becoming a soldier. Analysis Of Problem Problem The problem that the Recruitment team has encountered on a day to day basis is from the 1st April 2013 a civilian company has taken over the application phase of the process which means that all applications are done online. This then means that the recruitment team do not get any contact for at least two- three months after they have had their second interview and been on selection. A lot of the time this is a much longer process because the

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