Management Theory And Practice Essay

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Management Theory and Practice Course Outline Introduction to management and organizations  Management functions and process  Management role  Management skills Current trends and issues of management  Globalization  Workforce Diversity Organizational Culture and the Environment: The Constraint  What is organization culture  The environment  External environment  Internal environment  The cultural & economic environment  What is social responsibility? Decision-Making  The decision making process  Types of problems and decision Foundations of planning  What is planning?  Why do mangers plan?  How do mangers plan? Strategic management Planning Tools and techniques  What is strategic management?  Purposes of strategic management  Budgeting Break-even analysis Organizational Structure and design  Defining Organizational structure  Chain of Command Managerial Communication and Information Technology  What is communication?  The process of interpersonal communication Human Resource Management  Human resource management process  Human resource Planning Managing Change and Innovation  Forces for change  External forces  Internal forces Foundations of Behavior  Focus of Organizational behavior  Goals of organizational behavior Understanding Groups and teams, Motivating Employees  What is a group?  Stages of group development Leadership  Managers versus leaders  Contingency Theories of Leadership Foundations of control  Why control is important?  The Control Process  Value chain management  Organizational performance Introduction to Management Chapter # 01 and Organization  Who are Managers? Def: Someone who works with and through other people by coordinating their work activities in order to accomplish the
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