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John Condra 09/25/14 Case 4 Does everyone need to go through a “bad job” in their life? 4. There are certain things that you see from people when they are stressed. This can be mental or physical in nature. The most common is people tend to have some sort of physical tick that they do when they are stressed whether it be biting their lip or their eye twitching. There is also the mental which could be when they stutter or become forgetful. These all seem to be the most common things I have seen from where I have worked. 2. I believe it is a little bit of both when it comes to stress. Every job you get at some point will make you have stress. There are very few that do not and it is your job to find ways to deal with that. The company can also do its part by making sure stress is controlled by not giving more work to employees than is necessary. The best way to deal with this is each side has to do its part in order for the company and the employee to have a quality relationship. 1. I believe the worst job I have ever experienced was working for lodge during the cornbread festival. You had to run the cash register, stock, and help customers all at the same time. The store was not very big and we had hundreds of people trying to come in at once. The staff was very small and with that many people it was difficult to keep product on the selves. The boss was very difficult to deal with because she like to yell at the employees and expected us to drop whatever we were doing to help here immediately. The several days of having to deal with the manager along with the many people packed into a very small room was emotionally draining. It was a great experience for me because I was able to practice the coping skills I had been taught by my parents and was able to make the best of the situation. The result was that the boss

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