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Management Report for Hotel Moulin Vent

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1. Introduction

Hotel Moulin Vent is located in France, Medoc region, it is a historical building with beautiful sceneries be surrounded. The hotel owns winery and vineyard and serve quality wine and food to their guests, It was recommended by travelers who wants to have the ‘European Experiences’ with their friends and family from different countries. Although the hotel has very minimum internet / web advertising and little promotion and marketing efforts are done. They still have a good reputation form word of mouth referral.   Now, the new owner Al- Majir group wants to make the property to be sustainable and more organized. We are here to analyze the main issues that the hotel is facing and provide solutions to address all the issues. This report is solely for the use of AI – Majir group management.

2. Key Issues

The Hotel business did not do well for the last few years. It was reflected by a decreased annual turnover figures from the recent management report. We have identified four major issues that solely responsible for the failure of making profit.

2.1 Poor advertising

There are problems relating to the advertising channel apparently .They have no dedicated website and only minimum advertising done to promote the hotel.

‘Word-of-mouth’ still being used as the main advertising channel although there are many advertising methods and channels are available, which makes the hotel guests volume are relatively low .As a result with the existing advertising channel , the guests would not know anything about the hotel , their good wine and food and also the beautiful scenery. The potential guests would not choose the hotel as their recommended accommodation neither.

2.2 Poor HR management:

HR issues are commonly related to staff management and development. It’s not only about recruiting employees but also including establishing productivity, arranging and carrying out training,...

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