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Management Process One reason people go to college is because college prepares then to become managers. Management is attractive to students because it represents authority, money, and prestige. Unfortunately, there are only a few students that can tell you what it is that managers do. The definition of management or the management process is: a process used to accomplish organizational goals through planning, organizing, controlling, and directing people and other organizational resources. This definition spells out the four key functions of management. Planning is the first managerial function used to pursue organizational goals and objectives. Planning answers three fundamental questions for businesses: 1) What is the situation now? 2) Where do we want to go? 3) How can we get there from here? Out of those three questions, the last is the most important part of planning because it takes three forms: 1) Strategic (long-range) planning, 2) Tactical (short-range) planning, 3)Contingency planning. After planning meetings, formal plans are written down and distributed to managers. The plan acts as a reference too. To ensure that daily activities are compatible with the general plan. When organizing, a manager develops a structure or framework that relates all workers, tasks, and resources to each other. The framework is called the organizational structure. Most organizations draw a chart showing these relationships. The organizational chart pictures who reports to whom and who is responsible for each task. The corporation hierarchy on the organizational chart includes top, middle, and first-line managers. The control function involves measuring performance relative to objectives and standards and taking corrective actions when necessary. Therefore, the control function is the heart of the management system. This is because it provides feedback

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