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Management Practices Julie A. Hughes Ashford University Management for Organizations/MGT330 February 9, 2015 John Burning Management Practices Management practices in any business, large or small should be ones of consistency and integrity. When new management comes into an existing business environment, the changes they make can drastically affect the outcome in both a positive or a negative direction. No matter what changes take place, if the consistency and integrity is held to high standards, the results are likely to be positive for all those involved. I have worked at a local radio station for over 6 years and held a management position for more than 4 years now. With the last 2 years being in the general manager position. Even in that short amount of time, including myself, it has passed the general manager seat to 4 different people, all of which had a different impact on the business. The first was very successful and had the station running very well and profitable. The second maintained all that it was, when she acquired the position. The third, lost all focus and integrity and virtually ran the station into the ground. And the fourth, myself, has been burdened with the task of rebuilding. I have found that I have used all of the management practices we've discussed. Planning Although the station and broadcast company does not have a defined mission statement, the station focuses heavily on being a family friendly station that works frequently with the community to meet the needs of the area. We believe that we must give back to the community for the station to be successful. With that, the station is in a constant state of planning. The budget is the only part of the business I do not have complete control over. Although we do discuss them and he does frequently agree with my

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