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MANAGEMENT PRACTICES About two years into a previous role I held, leadership of the organization decided that the performance appraisal process was going to transition from the traditional manager-direct report assessment to a 360degree feedback format. When I learned of this change, I honestly didn’t feel strongly one way or the other about how the actual process was going to be changing, but was thrilled that the organization was for once attempting to improve a process. To give some background on the circumstances, at that point I was part of a department of three comprised of a director, a manager and a senior coordinator. I held the latter position and both of us reported directly to the director. By nature our director was very bright, driven and she didn’t like to get to the office before 9:00a, but also took into account that she often worked late with donor dinners, weekend visits, etc. She was well-liked and could be very social, but could efficiently spin a conversation back to being work-focused. True to the demands of her role, her days were usually filled with meetings which kept her out of the office most days. The manager was very laid-back about everything. She would stroll in at 9:30-10:00a each day and leave about 4:30-5:00p. The expectation of her role was also to spend as much time working with donors – out of the office and on the phone as possible. She was in the office just about every day. Even though we worked across the hall from one another, I’m not sure how she occupied her time most of the day as her door was always closed, unless she needed something from me. I had worked with both colleagues for the duration of my time at the organization, but we had recently split from four others who had also previously reported to the director. The end-result of that change was positive and was intended to allow our department of three to be more

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