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Management Planning - Boeing For an organization to become a leader in a global market, it must have a strong tradition of innovation and leadership. The Boeing Corporation is not just a company; it is a multibillion dollar, global enterprise. Their ability to offer customers a wide variety of solutions keeps their business the top in its class. Visionaries and strong planning methods keep Boeing in the forefront, but the leaders of this organization know that they must constantly forge ahead and step up their game. With over 160,000 employees in 70 countries, Boeing offers a wide range of products and advanced technological and financial solutions. From commercial airplane to defense systems, Boeing management exceeds its competitors by going beyond product distribution for their clients. The company is laid out into 2 business units consisting of Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Boeing Integrated Defense Solutions. Over 8 levels of subsidiaries support these main units. With this many integral forces, strategic planning is crucial. There is a need to keep them unified and collectively striving on future endeavors. With the Boeing Corporation being valued at over 66 billion dollars, the leadership must be doing something right. Their ability to provide 24/7 technical support to airline operations, keeps them in constant connection with their customers. Boeing also offers training on maintenance and flight crews through a partnering firm, Alteon (Boeing, 2008). The airline industry is given a “one stop shop” for all their needs and keeps Boeing a necessity for many years after the initial sale of the aircraft. In addition to the design and production process in the Defense System unit, Boeing develops many other facets that keep revenues constant. Developing network-centric operations, communications, surveillance and intelligence, brings in U.S. government

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