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Management Planning Paper on Boeing Kenneth Stewart MTG 330 Hilary Johnson-Lutz University of Phoenix September 5, 2009 Introduction The Boeing Corporation has been a very successful business that consists of two businesses, which are Commercial Airlines and Integrated Defense Systems. Boeing manufactures military aircrafts, satellites, and commercial jetliners. Boeing extends its business across the globe by being a global market leader in human space flight, missile defense, and launch services. Boeing has had a few legal matters within the past decade but with its ability to overcome has continued to be a strong entity in the aerospace industry. In light of this matter, Boeing maintains a strong corporate identity by practicing quality management planning on legal aspects, ethical standards, and social responsibilities. Legal Legal matters can put a company in a difficult situation. To prevent this from happening Boeing must understand the laws and regulations of marketing practices, business courtesies, and buying and selling securities. Boeing approaches these business situations with a strategy, a tactical plan, an operational plan, and a contingency plan. The strategic approach to marketing practices is for Boeing employees must understand the laws and regulations to govern its suppliers. The government set rules to for the purpose of obtain a good value for products and services, to present a fair competition that would give suppliers a chance to respond to any deals based on his or her evaluations, and to make sure any fraudulent or abusive activity is eliminated. Another marketing practice is Business courtesies. Business courtesies are used to gain the upper hand or special treatment for Boeing. For example, if an employee sends flowers to a customer, the flowers is a representation of a business courtesy.

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