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Management and their Impacts Today Management, as we know it today, exists in all forms of organizations, from private to public and even non-profit. Through the years the size and complexity of all types of organizations have grown, and as a result a defined and professional approach to the method of management has become a necessity. The theories in which this guidance and direction are achieved are many, however the foundation stones to modern day theory and management as a whole were laid in the years between the turn of the century and the great depression, 1900 to the 1930’s. During the early part of the century, American businesses were swept by Scientific Management, a school of thought largely developed by Frederick Taylor. He pioneered the use of time and motion studies, in which management would carefully break down tasks into simple formula, then work out the best way for a worker to execute this formula; all the way down to how long a step to take, how often to break, how much water to drink, etc. Then the workers would executed their jobs exactly as they were told, like robots. As part of the Scientific Management, companies routinely studied the effects of the physical environment on their workers. They wanted a selection and progressive teaching on the value of work. The division of work was resulting in interdependence between management and workers. Thus far, to increase the productivity of work and make work easier, performance standards were established. Although there were different looks on how work should be performed, Elton Mayo and others conducted studies which changed the production of work. The studies that were used at the Hawthorne plant were called the Hawthorne studies, and the different effects that increased production. These experiments helped impact business management in the future today. The Hawthorne studies began in 1924

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