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Management Planning Paper Planning permits organizations to develop how and what is to be done to meet the needs of the customer, the company, and the environment. Management structure accommodates the need for expertise and experience on important issues including legal issues, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility as opposed to just focusing on profits. Professionals experienced in these fields are necessary and counsel upper management on these issues. The business plan is a living document that a company or organization revolves and evolves from. This paper covers the planning function of management, the influences of legal issues, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility on planning, and analyzes at least three factors that influence the company's strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. Boeing is a multinational company that continues to grow. Started in 1916 as the Pacific Aero Products Company the company was barely alive. The plan of management starting with William Boeing has changed with the times and the function of the Boeing Company. In hard times William Boeing had to find new ways to pays his employee’s wages. He first secured a loan using his personal finances. Another way plans changed was, for a short time, approximately one year; the Boeing Company produced dressers, counters, and furniture for other businesses. They were able to grab attention by flying mail in a Boeing plane from Vancouver to Seattle. This started a new division in the Boeing Company. A company that has any issues at all will have legal issues. Legal issues can come from within the organization or from outside the organization. Legal problems can be expensive for a company. These legal problems can even dissolve a company into nothingness. With stakes so high, companies confront legal issues with a proactive

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