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Management Organizations Professional management organizations offer a wealth of information to the business person By Kelly Shetsky, Anchor/Reporter inShare Organizations for management contribute to a search for new ideas to enhance management thinking and practices. Management organizations provide the opportunity for new learning environments and offer a network of knowledge that leads to better understanding of the latest developments in management. These associations are a group of professionals with experiences and expertise to share. Professional management organizations offer members access to educational tools as well as industry news that they don’t get in their day-to-day profession and provides a context and environment that leads to professional networking. When considering a business management association: 1. Join project management organizations to network with your management peers. 2. Pay annual membership dues to belong to business management organizations. 3. Expect benefits to range from professional discounts to an increase in personal knowledge. Use organizations for management to network with other professionals and enhance your skills Associations for managers range from local groups to international associations. All have one goal: to further project management industry. They offer members valuable resources and relationships. Try: Association of Management/International Association of Management (AOM/IAOM) are sister organizations. They cover the academic world of debate and theory and the corporate world of decision, action and practicality. Members receive a journal of their choice, current publications, events and other networking opportunities. Register for upcoming conferences online. European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) is a business management organization with members from 75 countries. EFMD

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