Management of Organizations Essay

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There are lots of managers out there, yet there are only few great managers. It is not easy to become a great manager, as there are many of requirements to meet. First of all, the duty of a great manager is to lead the subordinates to achieve the organization’s goal through developing, encouraging, and capitalizing them. Since every individuals have their own specific characteristics, skills, strengths, and also weaknesses, thus, understanding the uniqueness and capitalizing the potential development areas is an issue to great manager (Whetten, D. and Cameron, K. (2002). Basically, the journal is all about how the great managers utilize their people, maximize their strengths and lead them to succeed. Great managers are able to identify and explore each employees’ unique abilities. They are good in transform the employees’ particular talents into performances. Due to the articles, there are some examples and evidences given to show the differences between great managers and general managers, what do great managers behave differently than general managers. Firstly, there is a case of Wal-greens’ manager Michelle Miller surprisingly employed Jeffrey who did not make a favourable impression during the recruiting interview. However, Michelle decided to employ him due to the willingness to work the night shift. After an observation for couple months, Michelle found the speciality of Jeffrey, he could do well at analytical task instead of generic task. Michelle then found a way to let him shine, she made him in charge the job of resets and revisions, and end up get a good result. After Jeffrey applied to move into management department, Michelle decided to split the resets and revisions job into two, kept the ‘reset’ part with Jeffrey, and gave the ‘revision’ part to Genoa, another talented employee who are good at doing revision task and customer service. Michelle

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