Management of Operations in Bmibaby

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Part I The aim of this paper is to compare the management of operations in bmibaby and one of other video case organisation (Vue, Fuller’s Brewery or Elm Surgery) featured in the DVD that accompanies Block 2 Operations Management and to show what are the similarities and differences in the management of these operations. bmibaby was established in March 2002 and is now one of the UK's fastest growing low cost airlines operating more than 900 flights a week from four UK bases to 28 European destinations. By October 2007 bmibaby was operating a fleet of 22 aircrafts. bmibaby is hugely successful because it delivers simple service, simple products, great prices and great reliability. Vue was formed in May 2003 by the acquisition of Warner Village Cinemas by SBC International Cinemas. The company is the largest operator of modern multiplex cinemas and is led and managed by very experienced senior management team. Vue reached a landmark of 62 cinemas with 607 screens and 134,413 seats which attract over 32 million customers per annum. Vue is good at exhibiting films in a top notch environment of sound and picture quality. bmibaby pays a lot of attention to the way they design their product and services manifested in their flight schedule. The construction of flying programmes is of high value. The company satisfies both, business and leisure customers and achieves this by operating their aircrafts from 7am to 8pm. The management gets as much value as possible from their aircraft assets. In terms of utilization, the costs of ownership are identical if aircrafts are operated one hour or 12 hours a day. bmibaby aims to get on average between 11 and 11.5 hours of flying per aircraft per day. In theory the company could get more from a single aircraft but faces operational limitations. Each aircraft needs to be maintained and inspected on daily basis for

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