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Boeing As we all know, management planning plays a very important role in any large corporation. Boeing is not only the largest aerospace companies in the world, but it is the largest manufacturer of military aircraft, commercial jetliners, and the nation’s largest NASA contractor (Boeing, 2010). In addition, Boeing also designs and manufacture electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced information and communication systems (Boeing, 2010). Therefore, it is very important that Boeing takes the time to strategically plan and follow all of the functions of management. The management planning and the influence of legal issues ethics and corporate social responsibility will all are discussed in this paper, for they all have dealings with the way Boeing executes their business. Planning is generally the first step to achieving the overall goals and or objectives that have been set for an organization. In order to plan properly, the true value of the organization must be recognized. The service that they provide for the military operations is just as important as the service they provide on the commercial aspect. When providing the service that Boeing provides, one must feel a certain level of pressure to serve, protect, and provide for a nation who depends solely on them. The Boeing organization is a huge organization with many different departments that need to be managed correctly in order to produce a product that is safe, passing all of the regulations set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). With this being said, careful planning must take place. Internal and External Influences Management planning can be affected by both internal and external influences. Companies like Boeing who is responsible for the lives of so many have to face legal and ethical issues as well as corporate social

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