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Article: In this article about Oreo’s marketing strategy, the author suggests that nowadays commercial alone is no longer enough to capture the attention of specific targeted audience. The author discussed how Oreo captured the attention of many football fans in United States during the Super Bowl season. Not only that it breaks down Oreo’s successful marketing communication tactic, the article also suggests that this strategy is a good way of reaching out to audience and a smart way of allowing interaction between brands and customers. This assignment will discuss the different marketing concepts that are applicable to and related with the case discussed in the article. There are many factors that contribute to the success of a marketing strategy. One of those factors is the firm’s segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP). Different than mass marketing, the STP concept allows firms to understand their target customers better and cater the marketing strategies to suit the customers’ characteristics. STP also gives helpful information to the firms that can help them adjust elements of their offerings such as the product itself, the price and how they are marketed (Tanner & Raymond, 2011). The chosen article provides an example for this concept by mentioning how Oreo uses different marketing communication tools for different groups of target customers. First one is to buy airtime during commercial breaks, targeting people who are more traditional and focus solely on television. The second one is by connecting to the target customers who consult a second screen while watching the game, such as smartphones or laptop computers, through social media (Watercutter, 2013). By segmenting and targeting different groups of customers, firms are able to create a more effective set of strategies which

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