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Management Leadership 4314 Essay

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1) Please complete the five discussion questions at the end of the FedEx case on page 319 of the text (you do not have to do the cumulative questions).   Please make sure you use the appropriate theoretical framework /models from chapter eight and other chapter from this text to answer questions.   Please note that the case study may not have answers to all questions and you may have to do search on the internet and/or company website to complete the answers.  

Page:391 – Go To The Internet – Case: Frederick W. Smith – Fed Ex

1.) How do the standards set by Fred Smith for Fed Ex teams improve organizational performance? As stated in the book on page 290, organizational support is very important so teams can be effective but this must be accompanied with strong support from the top of the organization to be a success. In order to accomplish this, an organization must have key responsibilities in creating an effective team. They are:
• Top management’s unconditional support.
• Adequate information and other resources.
• Flexible task structure.
• Appropriate size and membership mix.
• Clearly defined mission and goals.
• Appropriate power sharing structure – shared leadership.
• Competent team leadership.
• Evaluation and solicitation of feedback on team effectiveness.
• Adequate socialization of team members.

2.) What motivates the members of Fed Ex to remain highly engaged? Fred Smith realized that a rigid hierarchy of command and control groups would only magnify growth difficulties like coordination, maintaining efficiency, meeting customer expectations, and managing employees. So to combat this he decided to restructure Fed Ex by emphasizing the team approach in getting the work done. This would allow the employees flexibility and freedom they would need to act quickly and help the company remain the dominant overnight delivery service in the world. Also Fred directed his leadership team to empower these groups by giving them the authority and...

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