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Case Study – keeps track of employees’ ‘pulse rate’. Regarding using an organizational communication with employees, a communication network called “upward communication” was considered as important issue. Upward communication consists of important information from the lower to the higher levels in the organization’s hierarchy. That information through the communication is in relation to work and individual problems, suggestions, complaints, feedback, and employees’ attitudes and thinking (Davidson & Griffin, 2003). It provides an opportunity the employees to give comments in order to enhance their productivities, improve the working conditions and career progression (Samson & Daft, 2009). In an organization, there must be some predicaments in communication among superiors and workers. Workers often feel distrust with the upward communication channels and worry to use them (Milliken, Morrison & Hewlin, 2008). This essay will discuss the importance of upward communication in the organization and that how the managers to figure out the problems within the networks of developing and coordinating it and reduce that internal problems by “two directions” communication. Indicated above, although upward communication is an important network among subordinates and superiors in organization, it is immature as expected and needs to refine (Yates, 1989). The considered points are: questionnaire valuable and understanding, information seeking in network, knowledge and specific view from employees, and organizational decision making and condition improvement (Bratton & Gold, 1999). Many problems existing in organizational communication must measure and refined. The major solution is communicating in two directions. Which means two-way communication (upward and downward flows of information) can be supplementing each other (Davidson & Griffin, 2003).

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