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The text I am presenting today is called „ Contemporary management is obsolete” by Robert Heller. Robert Heller is one of Britain's most renowned authors on business management. He built his unique contribution to business journalism on the knowledge first gained when he ran the American bureau of the Financial Times. He added more financial and economic experience while heading the City pages of The Observer, where he pioneered the attention of some top managers. With that special background, he founded The Management Today, which he rapidly turned into Britain's leading monthly business magazine - a position it has held ever since. Heller also produces several online newsletters on business management and Management Intelligence. In this letter, Heller speaks about the knowledge revolution which makes management obsolete. In his opinion management is a thrilling and exciting activity in which only a few people recognize opportunities. But he also argues with the fact that most of the managers neglected (ignored) the chance of progress. As well as he says, that the pace of change is a brilliant opportunity whereas in reality it leads to mismanagement. Finally he explains why the majority of the today’s managers fail as a leader. The first paragraph of this text is based on a statement from Gary Hamel. Gary Hamel is an American management expert. The Economist magazine labels him “the world’s reigning strategy guru.” The Fortune calls him “the world’s leading expert on business strategy,” and the Financial Times says Hamel is “a management innovator without peer (adelig).” As the author of such concepts as “core (Kern) competence,” “strategic intent (Vorsatz),” and “industry revolution,” Hamel has changed the language and practice of management around the world. Now, in his book “The Future of management”, Hamel declares that “Management is out of date”. This is

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