Management Information Systems Essay

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Essay 2 Management Information Systems have many different parts and roles in today’s business world. This essay is going to focus on the IT infrastructure and its components, the importance of data quality, telecommunications networks, key networking technologies, internet, and internet technology. The vulnerability of destruction, errors, and abuse of an information system and the tools used to fight them. The IT infrastructure includes hardware and software, data management technology, network and telecommunications technology, and technology services. Computer hardware is the technology that includes computer processing, data storage, input, and output. Computer software consist of both system and application software’s. The system software is what manages the resources and the activities of the computer. Application software directs the computer to perform specific tasks such as generating a list of the company’s clients. Data management technology manages, organizes, and processes data. Network and communications provides data, voice, and video communications to the user. Technology services are the people that are needed to run and manage the components of the infrastructure and to train new employees how to use them. Data quality is important because when data is inaccurate it can cause crippling operational and financial issues. The company will have to spend time which equals money to correct the dat. If the data is recognized as being inaccurate it could lead to poor decisions and actions that may or may not be taken in a specific situation. Using data cleansing software’s and enterprise wide data standard can help keep data quality high. The principal components of telecommunications networks and key networking technologies are Client/server computing, development of communication standards, and packet switching. Client/server computing

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