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Starbucks’ Structure Ashford University Management for Organizations MGT330 Professor: Robyn Stewart December 15, 2013 Starbuck’s is a company that has risen to great success but has also seen a massive decline in its sales, not only from the recession but from other competitor’s jumping on the bandwagon to sell fine coffee after noticing the success of Starbuck’s. With this paper I will work to define what type of structure the company has installed now and if it will work for the future. I will also research other aspects of the company including employee relations and finances. Starbuck’s was founded by Howard Schultz, a former employee of another group that was looking to start a coffee chain but had split up because of different ideas on how the company should move forward. Schultz had traveled in Europe and noticed how patrons were spending time in local coffee houses. He liked how the coffee houses worked to have their customer base spend more time in their locations. Since they spent more time in the coffee house meant that they were spending more money. He took this idea and went back the states where he found an investor II Giornale and they purchased the Starbuck’s brand from the former group that he worked with. With the investment they wanted to open 125 stores in five years and then hopefully expand past that. Starbuck’s insists that all employees be hired from the area that they preside in and have a strong affection for coffee. Starbuck’s feels that there employees are partners in the company; they were the first company to offer stock options to their employees and they thought by doing this the employee would be motivated to succeed. Baristas will be the focus on this paper that I will speak about. They are essentially the face of the company; they work with the customer’s one on one and should always want to do their

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